Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Starting Fresh!

After a long absence from my photography blog, I am back! When I first created my blog and name, I liked it, but I didn't LOVE it. With my thought, consideration, and asking for ideas, I have decided to change my photography name to something more... "ME". Myrle Photography has now transitioned into Diana Clarke Photography. With a new look (one that isn't so butchered with Photoshop features...bleh) and logo, comes a new attitude. A good one at that. (Insert heartfelt music) I want to thank my "loyals", customers, and my family for always giving me a chance and thinking of me when it comes to pictures.
I wouldn't be here or who I am today without you.
Thank you!

So, buckle up and let's journey on to new adventures. :)

Diana Clarke

Thursday, September 29, 2011

S Family

I had so much fun with this family. It is always fun when you get to take your sister's family pictures. I have to say my favorite part was during a family shot, I said to the kids "who can kiss mom and dad first?" This was the result...

VB Family

This little family was so cute and fun, their little boy is going to be such a heart breaker for sure! Mommas, lock your daughters up!!

G Family

I LOVE this family, not only because they are my cousins, but because they were SO patient with me. Every photographer has a fear of leaving something home or something not working, well my day had come. I had everyone ready to go and as I went to snap that first shot, nothing... I didn't forget my SD card, no I had forgotten my Battery! Of all things! I was beyond embarrassed but they laughed it off with me and waited until I was able to get my battery. I love you guys!

C. Maternity

This year I attempted my first maternity shoot, it was fun to focus a shoot around a belly. Mommy was such a good sport, even with the heat beating down on us.
I can't wait to do more shoots like this.

C. Family

I had the honor of donating a photo shoot to my nieces and nephews school for teacher appreciation week. They were so laid back and fun. Their little girl was such a sweetie!

A. Family

Here are a few shots from our Calico Basin shoot. It has become one of my favorite places to shoot by far. I love the bright colors against the red rock. Thank you A. family!